August 27, 2007

CyberPress Issues Clarifications

The Information Technology Journalists Association of the Philippines Inc., also known as CyberPress, wishes to inform the public of the following:

– Mr. Jerry Liao, originally from Infochat television show but who now writes a column for and Technews section of Manila Bulletin, has resigned from the press corps due to irreconcilable differences with most members of the organization. His resignation has been unanimously accepted by the Board of Directors and no investigation is being made as opposed to a claim posted in the Infochat blogsite. Furthermore, his resignation is not related to the resignation of Mr. Leo Magno, as again suggested in the blogsite.

– Mr. Magno, a founding member of CyberPress who’s now the executive editor of, has also resigned from the organization for a different reason. His fellow workers at, Mr. Joey Alarilla and Mr. Alex Villafania, have resigned as well from the organization for various reasons. Their resignations have been accepted by the Board.

CyberPress is currently spearheading efforts to raise funds for Ms. Betty Daguio-Jose, a founding member of the organization now suffering with a kidney ailment.

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