August 4, 2008

CyberPress stages first laser tag tournament for IT firms

The IT Journalists Association of the Philippines Inc., also known as CyberPress, is staging the first laser tag tournament for local IT companies on Aug. 15, 1 to 6 in the afternoon, at the Lazer Xtreme gaming arena in Market! Market! in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

IT executives from the country’s top technology and BPO firms are expected to slug it out in a friendly competition meant to serve as a continuation of the annual sports tournament organized by the local IT press corps.

The tournament, which will employ a knock-out system, will be held in a high-tech and futuristic venue which opened just two months back. Unlike in most war games using high-pressure pellet guns or paint projectiles, Lazer Xtreme provides electronic tag games minus the danger, pain, wardrobes ruined by paint, the need to buy expensive gear, among other concerns, making the game suitable for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Moreover, unlike in many simulation-shooting games that rely mostly on marshals to monitor hits and casualties, the state-of–the–art facility uses infrared signals that are fired through the guns and received by the laser tag vest worn by the other player which registers onto a computer.

IT and BPO companies, as well as organizations coming from the ICT sector, can participate in the games which is also serving as fund-raising activity of the CyberPress. A participation fee of P5,000 will be charged per team (composed of four members). Food and drinks is included in the fee.

To join, contact Melvin Calimag ( or Relly Carpio (

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