November 5, 2007

"Write IT Right" contest mechanics

CyberPress-EMC Write IT Right ContestThe I.T. Journalists Association of the Philippines (CyberPress) and EMC Philippines invite you to a campaign to elevate skills in information technology journalism among the youth.

Meet today's leading I.T. writers in a duel of words, ideas and insights about current technologies in an evolving digital environment.

Win great prizes for you and your school. Get the chance to see your works printed in some of the country’s leading publications.

Open to all public and private high school graduating students in Metro Manila.

  1. There shall be a target of 30 to 50 participants from selected private and public high schools in Metro Manila.
  2. Each participant shall be endorsed by the school’s principal or the school’s duly designated representative.
  3. The school and/or the designated participant shall submit to the endorsement from the Principal.
  4. The designated participant shall also submit to the Organizers a “waiver” letter from his/her parents and/or guardian that allow him/her to participate in the contest. This letter also states that the Organizer shall not be held responsible for any untoward incident that may result to physical injury that shall occur to the participant due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizers.
  5. Each school shall designate a faculty member who shall serve as “observer” during the actual contest event.
  6. Each school shall be limited to one participant.

  1. The Organizers shall select the subject matter of the “on the spot” writing contest, at least one week prior the actual day to the contest. This is to prevent any form of leakage of the subject matter to the participants.
  2. The selected subject matter shall be revealed to the participant at least one hour before the start of the contest.
  3. Each participant shall be given one hour to conduct on-line research on the subject matter.
  4. Each participant shall be allowed to download any information taken from on-line research. All downloaded on-line research or reference shall be stored on a designated folder.
  1. The Organizers strictly shall follow the standard Code of Ethics against plagiarism.
  2. Any participant caught “plagiarizing” shall also be automatically disqualified.
The Journalist CODE of ETHICS followed by the Information Technology Journalists Association of the Philippines (CYBERPRESS) as formulated by the Philippine Press Institute and the National Press Club
  1. I shall scrupulously report and interpret the news, taking care not to suppress essential facts or to distort the truth by omission or improper emphasis. I recognize the duty to air the other side and the duty to correct substantive errors promptly.
  2. I shall not violate confidential information or material given me in the exercise of my calling.
  3. I shall resort only to fair and honest methods in my effort to obtain news, photographs and/or documents, and shall properly identify myself as a representative of the press when obtaining any personal interview intended for publication.
  4. I shall refrain from writing reports, which will adversely affect a private reputation unless the public interest justifies it. At the same time, I shall fight vigorously for public access to information.
  5. I shall not let personal motives or interests influence me in the performance of my duties; nor shall I accept or offer any present, gift, or other consideration of a nature, which may cast doubt on my professional integrity.
  6. I shall not commit any act of plagiarism.
  7. I shall not in any manner ridicule, cast aspersions on, or degrade any person by reason of sex, creed, religious belief, political conviction, cultural and ethnic origin.
  8. I shall presume persons accused of crime of being innocent until proven otherwise. I shall exercise caution in publishing names of minors and women involved in criminal cases so that they may not unjustly lose their standing in society.
  9. I shall not take unfair advantage of fellow journalists.
  10. I shall accept only such tasks as are compatible with the integrity and dignity of my profession, invoking the 'conscience clause' when duties imposed on me conflict with the voice of my conscience.
  11. I shall comport myself in public or while performing my duties as journalist in such manner as to maintain the dignity of my profession. When in doubt, decency should be my watchword.
  1. Each participant shall be provided with a workstation, a desktop with Internet access, along with writing materials such as pad paper and pens.
  2. All participants shall not to bring books, literature and/or any reference material to their designated workstation.
  3. While the Organizers shall make a conscious effort to provide desktop computers and/or laptops with efficient Internet connection during the contest day, there may be factors beyond the Organizer’s control that may affect the efficiency of these equipment. Thus, Organizers shall be flexible on allocated time.
  4. It is the responsibility of the participants to inform the “Contest marshals” of equipment problems.
  1. All entries during the Contest Day shall become properties of the Organizers and shall be used as part of publicity and promotions.
  2. A press release that states the names and titles of the top three winning entries shall be prepared by the Organizers and distributed to print publications.
  3. A press release on the actual date of competition shall be distributed before the actual.
  4. A photo release of the top three winners receiving their prizes from Cyberpress and EMC officials shall be distributed to print media.
  5. A dedicated web site for the “on the spot” IT writing contest shall be developed by the Organizers. Postings shall include the rules and mechanics of the contest, photos of the “Memorandum of Agreement” between organizing parties, photos of the actual event, all winning entries and other related materials.
  6. Selected winning entries shall be considered for publication in full in newspapers by members of the CyberPress. If published, this entry shall be subject to editing according to the guidelines of the publication. The Organizers shall advise participants if and when a winning entry shall be published in full.
  7. During the contest day, the Organizer’s shall have a designated photographer and videographer who shall document the proceedings.

1. Below is the breakdown of prizes:

1st prize (worth Php 45,000)
Participant – Laptop plus Php 3,500 cash
School – Desktop

2nd prize (worth Php 30,000)
Participant – Desktop plus Php 2,500 cash
School – Fax Machine

3rd prize (worth Php 25,000)
Participant – Desktop plus Php 1,500 cash
School - Printer

2. All participants shall receive a “Certificate of Participation” duly signed by the Organizers. They shall also receive complimentary commemorative T-shirts and other merchandising giveaways.

3. The top three winners and their respective faculty advisers shall agree to participate in a “thank you” get together sponsored by EMC Philippines. This shall serve as the “Awarding Program” for the Contest.

FAX: (02) 885 0146

  1. Name:
  2. Nickname:
  3. Home Address:
  4. Age:
  5. Date of Birth:
  6. Height:
  7. Weight:
  8. Contact Number:
  9. Email Address:
  10. Special Skills/Hobbies:
  11. Name of Mother:
  12. Mother's Occupation:
  13. Name of Father
  14. Father's Occupation:
  1. School:
  2. Year/Level/Section:
  3. School Address:
  4. Contact Number:
  5. Teacher/Adviser:
  6. Favorite Subject/s:
Academic Achievements (Awards) (Include Year/Date)
Person to be contacted in case of emergency:
Contact Number:
By sending the above information, you hereby certify that all the information therein are true, you understand that any addition or omission of facts that tend to mislead can be ground for your disqualification. You allow “Write IT Right” and it’s organizers to verify truthfulness of the above information.

The organizers will contact you for confirmation.

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