October 24, 2009

Cyberpress meets new Microsoft Managing Director

Members of the IT Journalists Association of the Philippines, also known as CyberPress, were introduced to John Bessey, to the new Managing Director of Microsoft Philippines during the organization's General Assembly last October 20 at the Microsoft Philippines headquarters in Makati City.

Bearing a striking resemblance to actor Richard Dean Anderson of MacGyver fame, John Bessey was thrown in rubber boots on his third day in-country when he participated in a clean-up and assistance project that Microsoft undertook for victims of the storm "Ondoy."

"It was messy, and probably the dirtiest thing I ever did in my entire life. But, it felt good to pitch in," Bessey said.

Bessy also said that it was a toss-up for him if either he got posted to the Philippines or another country.

"I visited both countries to see which one my family would be more comfortable with. My kids sort of helped in the decision once they saw the pool in the condo," Bessey said.

We are expecting to hear more from John Bessey of his plans for Microsoft Philippines.

Mabuhay at maligayang pagdating!

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